New NSFW Overwatch Cosplay Game Helps You Protect (and Pleasure) That Payload

Watch out, gamers – a brand new game is heating up the battlefield. The creative minds at Overwatchingporn are working on naughty new ways to get more than just your ultimate charged up, and it starts with the release of their first interactive browser-based game.

Whether knees-down on the sands of the Grindhart Desert, or shooting your load to the stars on Space Base, the creators know the key to realizing your most risqué fantasies is choice. Players have the option to jump right into the action in carefully-crafted quickies that’ll have them begging for mercy in no time. 

If you’re looking for a more personalized experience on how to handle the backline, the developers have you covered. A bang ‘em up is only as good as its characters, and figuring out the hottest team composition is part of a winning strategy. Pick who’s on support and who is dealing with DPS – dick per second, of course!

Make sure all angles are covered by inviting a third teammate into the fray, since she might offer an extra special kind of healing.

Choose from a diverse cast of hot Overwatch Cosplay characters, including futa options. The voluptuous but venomous Widowmaker knows the value of a well-placed shot to the face. High-flying Pharah might have swapped out suiting-up for stripping-down, but she’s as competent as ever in handling big rockets. 

The frosty scientist Mei might be shy at first, but she’ll soon get you shivering as hard as you’ll be stroking. And then there’s the ever-angelic Mercy. She has heard the calls for help, and is ready to do whatever it takes to get her team back into the fight…

Gameplay strikes the perfect balance between being easy to grasp, but capturing every point of your imagination. Watch over all the action with an easily adjustable, free-moving camera, or switch things up with fixed angles that let you see these characters in ways you never thought possible.

Swap their positions on the fly, but do keep an eye out for special pose cards that’ll take things to the next level! Keep the steamy action going for long enough as you try and max intensity meters. When fully charged, your characters will practically be begging for you to use that finisher card.

If you’d prefer to take a more proactive approach to securing that racy victory, the game lets you lend a helping hand by rubbing and stroking strategic spots. Don’t let the immersive voice lines distract you too much – the mission isn’t the only thing that needs completion. 

The developers have expressed they have no intention to nerf the fun, saying that this is only the beginning. They intend to make theirs the top destination for play-of-the-game worthy adult content, with more characters, more maps, and more games in the works. With a no-judgement attitude to giving the players the erotic experiences they’ve been craving for, it’s no wonder why players keeping coming back for more!
For more information, visit and subscribe to their social media channels for regular updates on the racy new experiences in the works.

Día de Muertos

Buenos Días…. Pecadores!

It is el Día de los Muertos.  The Day of the Dead. We regret to inform you, Manny, that the food poisoning you suffered, has brought forth your untimely demise.  Your stay in the Land of the Living, has come to an end. But why are you being so cynical? Catrina is here, to ease your suffering.  She’s been confined to this portal between the living and the dead, and there’s not much to do there besides fucking! You never know what’s gonna happen at the end of the line, so you might as well enjoy the trip.  So go and enjoy.

Download the interactive VR sex game and start playing.