Test Chamber

The Test Chamber has been sanitized in preparation for your scientific analysis of the test subject.  Your safety is our primary concern, so always be aware of the machine movements and wear adequate protective gear.  Please take it easy on the test subject – her boobs gets tender quickly. TestChamber

Fleshlight VStroker integration

Many of you have asked us to integrate VStroker with SinVR.  We just did.

When you launch SinVR, you will see a new progress bar near the positions menu. This progress bar represents the stimulation level of the girl. When you reach the red zone, she will cum like a porn star on steroids!

If you happen to have a VStroker, we will detect it and modify the stimulation level based on your strokes.

Stroke until you drop!


Facial Expressions

I’m not gonna lie to you. We love boobs!
But big boobs are just not good enough. So we are working on an AI system that will make our females smarter and more interactive. But not too smart. This is as ongoing process but every week we are rolling out new features. This week you will notice new facial expressions.
Definitely go check it out and please send us some feedback.